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Monday, February 18, 2013

Buttons and Zippers

You don't have to be a Mountain of a Man to realize that sometimes you tend to obsess on things.   But it helps to have a certain MOAM perception of these things.
I mean, I know that I've been obsessive on this weight loss regime  of late.   But at least I haven't mentioned any fake Cherokee Senators during this rant, so how bad can it really be?
Let's face it..... none of you gave a rat's ass that Elizabeth Warren lied to us and still was elected a US Senator by the sheep herd that is known as the Massachusetts Democratic Party.
And I'm pretty sure that you really don't care that I've found the way to steady and attainable weight loss.  
But do you really think that I give even a inkling of a shit about what you think????   Not even a little bit.
The fact is, I have a pretty big business meeting coming up in a little more than two weeks, with a highly successful guy that I haven't seen since the late 1980's.   And I'll probably have to suit up for the effort.   Even though, I'm fifteen lbs. down from a week or so ago, it will take another ten or so in the next two weeks to give me a little zipper room in my Brooks Brothers make-a-deal suit.
I've done the math, and know exactly how may calories I have to avoid in order to button up the pants in the time allotted.

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