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Friday, February 08, 2013

Blizzard Prep

We're gearing up for a blizzard set to hit the Boston Area with two feet of snow and gale force winds this morning.
Unlike my earlier and correct predictions that the hurricane would be a bust, I think this storm will meet the hype.   You can almost feel it in the air.   I was a young buck in my twenties when the Blizzard of 78 hit this region and it was an event not to be trifled with.
You know you are getting old when you dread this happening.   It will be a ton of shoveling and snowblowing.   Naturally, when I pulled my snowblower out from under the deck, it didn't turn over.   It hasn't been fired up for two years, so I'll have to do some serious fiddling with it before this thing hits in the afternoon.
Downloaded the Ariens Compact 24 manual, went to Home Depot to pick up some spare shear pins and 4 stroke engine oil.  They were all out of 10W 30 so I bought the 20W 30.  Hope this is ok.
It is imperative to get this machine going.  My middle aged fat guy back won't last if I have to shovel all of this.
I think I will head over to the Health food store and pick up some three day juice cleansing supplies.  This would be a good weekend to detox.


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