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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Senator Selection

Today, Governor Deval Patrick announces his choice for interim US Senator to fill the seat vacated by John Kerry who assumes his Cabinet post.
Early in the process, I made it clear to the Governor that I did not want to be considered.   Sure, nominating the Mountain of a Man would have gone a long way to healing the resentment and vituperation that characterizes our present political situation..... as I would have opened my arms to harmony, mutual trust and understanding.....  I know this to be true.
Yet Peeps.... as I explained to Deval.... I have to be true to a higher purpose.... to expose Liberal Media Gushing wherever it is found.... to shine the light on phony Native American lily white Harvard Law Professors ....and to provide daily guidance to a pathetic flock of hopelessly addicted Nanepashemet Blog readership.
To the Governor's credit, he understood and agreed to pick a lesser soul for the post.  We'll see his selection today.

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