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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Global Warming

The Prez mentioned Global Warming as a big part of  his 2nd Term during his Inaugural Address this week, and John Kerry brought it up in his Secretary of State confirmation hearings.
So... Many of you have posed the question to the Mountain of a Man.... Do I think that the world is getting warmer?
Sure  I do . 
Only 10,000 years ago.... a blink of a geological eyeball.... the very spot that I am sitting on was covered by a thick glacier.... as in Ice Age.  There is evidence of this everywhere in New England... All of those big boulders were deposited in our back yards as the ice receded.   And this  process  has been encountered by the Earth on a natural cyclical basis.
Peeps... Despite what you may have been told, Republicans and a capitalist economy did not cause the Ice Age... and they aren't the cause of Global Warming either.   Al Gore may have picked up  an Academy Award and the Nobel Prize by ginning up a Global Warming Chicken Little Flick, but that's about the only tragedy that we will see in the short term during this geological trend.
So if BO and Kerry wish to distract you by tilting at the Global Warming windmill... that is exactly what it is.... a distraction.   Because we can't stop the Earth from spinning, and we can't control the climate.
And BTW, if they could do something about Global Warming, I wish they would turn up the thermostat a few notches today.... it's Freaking COLD outside!

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