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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cynical Situation

Peeps... The other day I was on Facebook and one of my Liberal FB friends accused me of being a "Cynic".
I would hate to think that criticism of the Obama regime has made me jaded. 
Was I cynical when I went on that anti-Warren, "I'm an Indian so shut the hell up" tear?  Am I cynical when I criticize the headlong trip to financial oblivion that the federal deficit represents?  Was I cynical when the Liberals rushed to ban guns using the poor children murdered by a mental case as an excuse?   Is it cynical to see the Libyan consulate murdered with the President covering up the facts as an election liability?
The fact is that I truly hate dishonesty, incompetence, and disingenuous behavior.
If that makes me a cynic. then I'm a card carrying, front of the line, kiss my ass... CYNIC.
And proud of it.

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