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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Progressive Herd

Congressman Ed Markey has announced for the Senate Seat being vacated by the elite John Kerry.   Kerry gave his blessing to the notion.
So that's it Dems.   Herd yourselves to the Polls to make it official.   And please try to end these incessant "Baa, Baa, Baa" utterances.
You may act like sheep, but you don't have to bleat like them.
And I wish you wouldn't  call yourselves "Progressives".   That's just another perfectly good term gone down the shithole.
But then you'll have to deal with the evil Scott Brown.  More people voted for Brown when he lost to the Indian than when he beat Martha Coakley.  The Presidential vote and tons of national "Progressive" money brought a high tide of votes for the Warren Cherokee Lady, so our boy Scott came up on the short end.   But that's no guarantee that Markey won't get the Coakley treatment from Scott Brown.
So the Elite Progressives can't just swat him away.  Very Inconvenient.

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