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Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year's Resolution - 2013

So many of you Peeps have been nagging me to disclose my New Year's resolutions.
I can tell you that one of my key resolutions is to be more patient with your foibles and annoying requests.  So I'm not as irritated with your pesky probings as I normally would be.
I guess I could wait until Tues. to lay out my 2013 resolutions, but I have them all in tow right now, so I might as well drop some heavy duty, Mountain of a Man, Wisdom on you in this posting.
Simply stated, I'd like to dedicate the entire year of 2013 to a singular effort.   To take each moment in it's present, without judgement.

That means, I will strive not to label everything that happens with a past experience.  Nor will I define the present based upon the concerns of what might happen in the future.
If the present moment suggests action, I will move forward.  If it suggests restraint, I will hold back.  Both with the faith that the present circumstance is the cosmic best of all possible outcomes. 
The Sages tell us that perfect joy is the natural order of things, and the harmony of joy rests in the present moment.  
So my resolution is to stay focused on the present, and trust that the present will provide harmony, joy and abundance amid a chaotic and constantly changing world.
This doesn't mean that you'll see me sitting around with a sappy smile on my face all day.   It means that I won't be chastising myself when I am angry, or lazy, or stupid.  I will be accepting those states as the natural reaction to the present without judgement.
If this doesn't work out, I can always revert to my normal cantankerous, abrasive self in 2014.

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