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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Doomsday Prediction

With the Mayan last day set for tomorrow, I guess I should sound in on the Doomsday predictions.
Peeps... I'm not scared.   It takes more than a Mayan and his stone calendar to run a shiver up the spine of this Mountain of a Man.
And I'm no Prepper. Won't see me stocking a concrete bunker in the backyard.  If everything goes haywire, I'll be looting and scavaging like the rest of you Bastards.  I won't be trying to fend off Peeps trying to steal my hoard, because I'll be out there trying to steal yours.
But I kind of hope that I can scarf up a case of Scotch, build a bonfire, and sing Kumbaya at the top of my lungs with any hapless Peep that wanders near.   Then I will find a boat, and go for a long row.
Someday this world is going to come to an end.
But not yet, Peeps.    Not yet.

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