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Friday, December 07, 2012

Climb on Board

Peeps -
You may have noticed that I have been trying to entice you with offerings for Nanepashemet to help you purchase land and build a new home for you.
Very perceptive of you.
It's not just that we are grubbing for business (which we are), it's also because we feel that real estate in this region is ready for a new surge. 
This has nothing to do with Obama, or Fiscal Cliffs or anything political.  It has to do with the economic cycles that have naturally occured for decades in this country.  People get sick and tired of worrying and hunkering in, and start to spend and take risks.... and the economy starts upward.
My own experience is that when a real estate  upswing is in full force, you have missed the boat.   The real winners are those who get it before the upswing is a newsworthy event.  Once people are rushing to buy, prices skyrocket.... which is a good thing if you get in now.
So Peeps - these latest posts are really for your own economic well being.   Plus,... how cool would it be to do business with a Mountain of a Man???
Nanepashemet specializes in waterfront properties and raw land development on Boston's North Shore.   Climb on board this train.

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