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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Winter Projects

While having Thanksgiving at Ryan's apartment, I realized that I had never come through with a toy chest for my grandson, Ethan, much as I had for his brother, Will.
Course there were good reasons at the time and it isn't an issue of pure neglect, but now it's time to rectify things and get some overdue projects like the chest and the gunning dory back on track.
All of the moulds for the dory including the bow and stern keels are complete along with the base, so that really is just a project ready for strip planking.  I have the starter cedar 1/4" strips as well, left over from the Herreshoff Columbia Tender.
Ethan's chest though still has some decision points.  Do I do it with the traditional dovetail desgn that worked so well with Will's or do I try a panelized version like this model found in Fine Woodworking a few years ago?
And Will's was a nice combination of mahogany and oak which I had on hand at the time due to the remodeling of the Beverly Ave. Kitchen.   If I have to buy stock, it would be nice to work with walnut or cherry.
So we'll try to move these out of the shop by springtime.
That's the current good intention,  Nanepashemet Telecom always takes precedence though unless Joanne or I win Powerball or something.

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