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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Morning Outlook

For most people, this is a long weekend.  And since the banks are closed and I can't get into any town halls to pull permits, Nanepashemet Telecom will probably be taking the speed down a little bit.  We'll be revving things up in New Haven County as next week develops though.
But this morning, we have a whole weekend to look forward to.  BC is playing undefeated Notre Dame today and the Pats take on the Bills tomorrow, so I have to fit in some quality time in front of the television, and I have a couple of leasing loose ends to take care of on the Nanepashemet front, but outside of these things, my time is free.
So I'll hit the YMCA sometime this morning.... an hour or so on the pain machines, then some weight work to maintain definition, followed by some wave generation in the pool.  I have these new goggles that let me see everything while I'm swimming... not always a good idea.
After the Y, I will take advantage of the warm temps to plant the spring bulbs and tend to the flower garden out front.  I know how you Peeps look forward to my floral arrangements, and spring will be spectacular next year.
Then I'll finish the PVC boat cover for the Herreshoff Columbia Tender, before finding a suitable spot on the couch to watch the BC Football Game.
I'm pretty sure Joanne has dinner plans, so I'll shower up and be ready with sharp and pithy dinner party wit after a tough day at heavy duty leisure.
Sometimes, being a Mountain of a Man means that you have to man up to meet life's challenges.  Not today though.  By Sunday night, I'll be ready with a Veteran's Day observation.
Have a nice weekend.

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