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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It's the holiday season...
So I'm officially not letting stuff aggravate the crap out of me.
President in Burma/Myamar when Israel is getting Bombed and the Fiscal Cliff looms Large????  No Biggie.
Governor Deval Patrick giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants??? Make sure they have enough left over for Domino's late night pizza delivery.
Federal Judge Wolf spending our public funds on sex changes for murderers????  I've seen him do stupid shit before so WTF.
See????  Even this Bullshit can't get me out of my mellow holiday mood.
Tomorrow, I'll be racheting down the action at Nanepashemet Telecom after a little invoicing chores, then will be making the dough for the White Trash Balls that Brian Butler and Will Crawford crave so much, then I will dig out the turkey fryer and give it a serious cleaning for the Buffalo wings.
Then Mike and I will hit the Packy for the Beer and Wine run.  That is becoming our little father/son pre-bash tradition.
Sometime after dark, tomorrow evening, the biggest event in a Nanepashemet Peep's life..... the Thanksgiving Eve Bash.... will be fully implemented in all of it's refined yet tasteless splendor.
If I don't see you, "Happy Thanksgiving."
If I do see you, "I apologize ahead of time for all the crazy shit coming your way."

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