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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Clean Hands

Peeps -
I told you who to vote for, and you didn't do it.
So my hands are clean.    Any shit that hits the fan from here on in is all you.
Not my fault.....  I had nothing to do with it.
I had some of my Lefty friends today say that it is a new day... that the people have spoken.... that we should all come together for compromise and prosperity... and that I should stand aside and shut the phuck up.
I mean.... can't a Liberal ever have any fun????   You phucking won.  Enjoy your day you uptight shitheads.  Sing a little "Kumbaya" and snarl a little less.
I'm not bitter.  The Lord has set a new path for us... for a greater and lasting glory.   This is a temporary detour.
But don't worry. I'll continue to write this pathetic Blog.... and you will continue to pathetically read it.
Pathetic.... but my hands are clean.

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