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Friday, November 23, 2012

Laying Low

I tried hard to lay low today, after all the turkey at Ryan's and then the big Pat's win over the J-E-T-S.... Jets, Jets, Jets.
The Jets are the only team that I really like to see the Pats beat, and hate to seem them lose to... and over the years, the Jets have had the upper hand a disordinate portion of the time for my standards.   But not last night, which was a nice cap to a semi- perfect day.
Thanksgiving is the best holiday.  No political correctness required, no religious overtones.... just be thankful and hang with your family, watch football, take cat naps.  Course the family squabbles always arise, but that's just part of the charm of the day.
Joanne and I got up this morning and headed over to the YMCA, which will be a permanent part of the tradition from here on in if I can help it.  I still feel fat and loggy, but at least we did the noble thing.
No Black Friday shopping for me.  I can do without the crowds and do as much online as possible.
After the Y, Katelyn's betrothed, Brady and I went to the dump and got rid of about a dozen plastic bags of Bash Trash.   I really appreciated the help as I had budgeted about an hour for the job, but with Brady, the whole thing was complete in twenty minutes.   He's definitely a keeper as a potential son-in-law.
Then I settled in for some serious couch potato time, but by 1:00 PM, had the itches to do something, so went over to the Peabody Nanepashemet Warehouse and putted around with the woodworking machinery.  Plus Joanne was heavy into Christmas decorations and that's definitely not my strong suit.
So that's all.

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