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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Bloomberg Blunder

Mayor Bloomberg cancelling the New York Marathon was a real kick in the ass.   I was so ready to exact revenge on those Skinny Africans that win all the marathons these days.   This year was my year.... at the peak of my conditioning, I was poised to take the pace out fast and finish strong, with those Kenyans and Ugandans left to eat my dust.
Thanks a lot Mayor.  Just because the subways fill up with water and Staten Island gets flattened, you get all huffy and cancel the one chance I had to make white fat guys proud.
I wish you were running for Prez, so I could dis the hell out of you... Mr. "I'm endorsing Obama because he is the one man who can save the Polar Bears."  Go back to BillionaireVille and pay your share of taxes, you long distance running spoil sport!!
I'll never forgive Bloomberg for this.

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