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Friday, November 16, 2012

Bash Anticipation

It's the weekend before Thanksgiving, but more importantly... the week before the Thanksgiving Eve Bash.
The air is growing thick with anticipation as Peeps keep making references to the annual genteel, gaudy, refined, yet tasteless event that has been the highlight of the holiday season for  the last twenty years or so.
This year, I was thinking of giving the turkey frier a rest which would mean that the buffalo wings and white trash balls would be omitted from the menu..... got a lot of negative feedback immediately on that idea, so we'll be keeping to tradition.  Some things can't be tampered with, I guess.
Although invitations are never necessary, I've extended formal invites to both Liz Warren, and Scott Brown as a kind of mending fences gesture.   Liz should feel completely at ease because she will be among plenty of her constituents getting "hammered".  And we won't be making any "Native American" cracks, either.... at least not at the beginning of the evening.
However,  I can't be responsible for what happens as the event plays through.   We take it as a point of pride that no arrests have ever occurred over the years, and there have been zero medical emergencies.  So that's an excellent sign that the Bash is a class event.
More to come on this important topic....

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