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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MOAM Mastery

Those of you fortunate/hapless Peeps who find yourself in the Inner Circle of the Mountain of a Man know that I faced the greatest zoning challenge to date last night in New Haven County.
Many have tried and failed, but your MOAM came home with a unanimous vote in the affirmative after a masterful presentation complete with plans mounted on foamboard.
I know that some of you are tired of the way that I tout my mastery of the zoning permit science, but I actually never get tired of it.  Last night though, even I was amazed.  Didn't expect to blast a four bagger.  I would have been happy with a continuance.  But I must have wowed the hell out of those zoning commissioners with my expert testimony.
Like Ali said, "If you can do it, it ain't boasting."
The good part about winning in a tough jurisdiction is that the adrenalin keeps you alert for the three hour drive home.
And, BTW.... don't even think about getting into the Inner Circle.

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