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Friday, October 05, 2012

Mitt has Momentum

Turns out that Mitt Romney so trounced President Obama in the debate, that his supporters can only say that Romney was "lying".
Let me see if I understand this position.
You get up and speak in front of 50 million people and think that you can get your points across by lies..... with the Liberal Mainstream Media fact checking every thing you say.
@Libs, Lefties and Phonies.... I don't think so.
And to our esteemed ex-VP Al Gore (inventor of the Internet), who said that Obama was affected by the altitude (no Joke).... I must retort.  Wasn't Mitt at the same altitude????
When are people going to see Gore as the crazy Moonbat that he is?
Romney slammed Obama with details and facts in a manner that suggests that he obviously commands the subject and is the most qualified candidate.
If I were Obama, I would cancel the next two debates and keep running those stupid ads about how Romney doesn't care about half of the population and only wants to help Wall Street and Millionaires.  BO's only chance is if people ignore the facts and believe this bullshit.
Mitt has Momentum.  31 days to go.

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