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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Helpless Degradation

Yes Peeps, I did get in the workout at the Y this morning ... despite a bit of irritation.
There are a lot of pretty women working out there, but when I work out, rest assured that it is all business.   But as I was pedaling away on the elliptical trainer, I could sense the women staring at me... especially at my ass in motion.
Pretty annoying being eyed like a piece of meat.   Downright degrading.
And then when I would whip around and check who was starring, they would immediately avert their gaze in a vague attempt to act as if they were not fixated on my sweaty backside.
Naturally, I depend on my Mountain of a Man capabilities to maintain a civil decor in this situation.
I will try not to let this degradation inhibit my fitness activities in the future.  They really can't help themselves.

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