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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gearing Up the Gunning Dory

I have the itch to get moving on the Marblehead Gunning dory.  Ryan took a video of one riding out Hurricane Sandy in Marblehead Harbor, and it skipped over the waves without any effort.   The Dory style is reputed to be extremely seaworthy, and the video validated that for me.  
The below photo was found on the web some time ago and ilustrates the type of fit out that I've been thinking of.  I would fill the space under the decks at the bow and stern with polyurethane expanding foam to make the craft unsinkable.  You could stand at the bow or the stern and cast a fly very nicely.
And I also plan to install a motor well in the back quarter of the boat where a 10HP Honda Fourstroke would be added.
Naturally we will fit this out to row, but it would be nice to motor this thing close into the rocks to cast for stripers.  Or get some speed to chase a blitz.
All of the interior fit out will have to be with marine grade, olkume plywood which is expensive, but both light and water resistant.  Boulter Plywood in Somerville is a good local suppler.
Unlike traditional Marblehead Gunning Dories which were planked and hard chined, I plan on easing the curves on the frames and planking with 1/4" cedar strips sheathed in fiber glass cloth inside and out, then clear epoxy coated.
The frames and bottom have been done for a few years now and are stored in the Nanepashemet Telecom warehouse in Peabody.    Maybe I'll start spending a little more time at the warehouse.

Speaking' of sheaths, be sure to wrap yer rascal, there's danger at every turn.

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  1. Speaking' of sheaths, be sure to wrap yer rascal, there's danger at every turn.


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