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Friday, September 07, 2012

Three Jamesons

Peeps... I'm feeling a little mellow tonight.
Went down to the BYC and had two Jamesons, plus one more together with dinner with my favorite wife, Joanne.  Joanne is the mother of my three kids and is really handy to have around.... among other things.   She is my life partner, and when I die, my life insurance policy will go to her.  But enough of the romantic stuff.
Tomorrow, it will be a big push in the morning to get the railings up on Tommy O's classic Nanepashemet Deck, then we will probably take a harbor cruise out on the WhaleEye.  The end of the boating season will be here before we know it, and the WhaleEye has hardly gotten a workout in, so we'll have to get some time in there.
Sometime before the weekend is over, we have to attend to some tax details at Nanepashemet Telecom, and also hope to share a beer with some of the kids if they drop by.
In the meantime, I powerwashed the pram and will be stripping off the nasty Wireless Tower Weatherproof that I used as gunwale bumpers..... A big mistake as the weatherproofing material never cured and remained sticky and messy.
My new theory is to use the PVC bending tool that we bought for the Hartford job, and bend some PVC to use as Pram bumpers.  At least the PVC won't rub off on the neighboring boats causing a lot of pissed off complaints to the Harbormaster.
Probably won't get to all of this shit this weekend... but at least we are past the three Jameson milestone

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