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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Painted Perfectly

Waiting for the Pats Game to start at 8:30 PM tonight against the Baltimore Ravens.  I doubt if I'll last to the 4th Qtr due to the MOAM effort in painting ceilings at West Shore Drive today.
The ceiling came out great with minimal mess.... largely due to the Wagner
PaintMate Plus 9 in. Manual-Trigger Paint Roller that I purchased yesterday at Home Depot.
This little baby cost less than $25 bucks, worked like a charm and cut the time and effort in rolling out the ceiling in half after I finished cutting in the fixtures and the moulding with no mess whatsoever.
You load up the storage tube directly from the paint can with no drips, then roll away with no trips to the paint tray.
I had taken a piece of unused moulding from the kitchen cabinet repairto Home Depot, and their computer color scanning system nailed the ceiling paint cover to exactly match the cabinets.  And the quality and coverage of the paint was excellent.
Painting has always been my least favorite renovation activity... primarily because of the mess involved.  But the success of this day may change things.

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