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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nanepashemet Opinion Poll

All the poll results are so confusing.  Scott up by 5%,  75% of voters don't care if Warren eats succotash and venison in a teepee, Obama leads Romney by 8%... the day after Romney was up by 2%.
Pretty unreliable.
So I've decided to commission my own poll, the Nanepashemet Opinion Poll, in order to get to the truth about what people are thinking.
The results have been astounding.... suitable for coverage from such unbiased institutions as ABC News and the Boston Globe.
85% of the scientific sample polled by Nanepashemet thought that Elizabeth Warren did not look like an Indian.

67% felt that Obama had big ears.

72% reasoned that it was racist to think that Obama had big ears.

92% believed the Mitt Romney was a stiff.

55% felt that Michelle Obama would kick the shit out of anyone who said her husband had big ears.
There you go.... the first of many Nanepashemet opinion polls..... absolutely as reliable as any of the other poser polls out there.
George, leave me a voicemail if you need me to interview on your Good Morning America journalistic gem.

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