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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Glock v. S&W

The handguns and hunting rifles that my grandfather left for me are cool, but are starting to seem really old and dated.   I take one or two of them to the firing range every couple of months, but they are really antiques and I thought that I might want to impress the guys at the gun club with a new composite Glock 23.
But a close friend of mine, and the guy at the Fireams store today talked me out of the Glock and pointed to good old Smith and Wesson as the direction that I should head in for the use intended.
Plus Smith and Wesson is manufactured in Springfield, MA, while Glock is an Austrian company.   So I'll be zeroing in on an S&W model to update the family arsenal, and doing my part to help abate the United States trade imbalance.

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