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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bearing Down on the Present

I've been experimenting lately about the here and now... about how if you really want your future to improve, you should focus doggedly on the present... not regret what might have happened in the past... or worry about what might happen in the future.
So far this week, it has worked pretty well.  New customer possibilities have been pouring in, and bills are getting paid.
Now that I'm entering the latter part of my middle aged Mountain of a Man life, I have a huge advantage over you younger peeps..... experience.   I no longer have to project how things should work out... most all of the shit that I encounter now, I've seen before.   And I know how these things end up.
For years I worried about what might happen, and how to prevent it from happening.   And even though some really bad shit actually happened. we didn't fall into the great abyss.   Things happened to abate the worse, and we worked through the rest.
Somebody told me years ago that things are never as bad as they seem, nor are they as good as they seem.  That's pretty much how things have worked out.  Excessive worrying never solved anything.
Yesterday, Ryan told me that he handled his ordeal with a lot of false positives.   So be it.  It got us through, and now that's in the rear view mirror.
And what is ahead is the present.
That's where I hope to be for here on in.

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