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Saturday, August 11, 2012

POTW Week 32

I had an inspiration this morning to resume work on the Marblehead Gunning Dory which has a frame and bottom in pieces at the Nanepashemet Peabody Warehouse.
Years ago, Hillegas and Brown were making cracks about my Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), when they thought I wasn't listening.   I was, and it's lucky for them that they don't report to me anymore or I'd be kicking their ass at this recollection.
But what was I talking about?  Oh Yeah... the Dory. 
Not sure if it's a good idea to start it up again, with all of the other stuff going on.   But maybe I'll make it for Kate and Brady's Wedding Present.  
Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 32nd Week of 2012

Mike Rockett
Kerry D'Orio
Brady Boyle
Tommy O' Shea
Nathaniel Clarke
Sarah Loomis Crawford
Wouldn't hurt to set the frame up on the strongback during a lull next week.  But then again, I have to keep up the Banjo practice so that I can bang out the Bluegrass version of  "Here Comes the Bride" at the upcoming nuptials next year.

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