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Monday, August 27, 2012

Indonesian Race Card

As expected, the Kerry D' Orio Yoga pants are flying off of the shelves here at Nanepashemet.
I put in a call to the Indonesian sweat shop to see if we could step up production a bit.... maybe pay the help an extra $10 bucks a month or something as an incentive... but they were testy as hell.
Seems a couple of them are a little pissed at me when they found out that I believed Obama was born in Hawaii rather than being the first Indonesian who became President of the United States.
Obviously the Indonesians never watch MSNBC, or they would know that this type of statement is a major league play of the race card..... as despicably racist as you can get.  Romney will certainly roast in Republican Hell for his reference to it in Michigan the other day.
Peeps.... here's the deal.... It's hard enough for me to get the Indonesians to meet minimum production standards of the Nanepashemet  Clothing line at rock bottom  third world labor rates. 
Don't be putting it on me to get them to be politically correct at the same time!!!
I may be a Mountain of a Man, but you are pressing the limit.

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