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Monday, August 06, 2012

Happy Weekend

I know that I was in a blog lapse this weekend, but between Tommy O's deck, the final touches at 32 Beverly Ave., and the Olympics, I pretty much fell off the wagon.
We got all of the framing done on the deck and I called for the inspection today.  Then we will start to lay the decking.   Using 2x10's and 6x6 posts with a three board 6x10 laminated beam makes this deck a bit overengineered... ok .... it could easily be used as a heliocopter pad.
But the O'Shea's will need a solid platform with the type of serious partying and entertainment that is  their hallmark.
Across the street at 32 Beverly Ave., the new screen door looks great and the refurbishment of the back deck was also a total success.   Even the basement stair rails were completed with a bit of the Nanepashement flair that you all have come to know and love.
Bobbi Cody, the Marblehead Code Inspector, (classic code inspector name) came by and blessed the Nanepashemet House with a certificate of code compliance for the pristine residential shrine that is the birthplace of the Nanepashemet Blog.
The tenants are happy, the code inspector is happy, the O'Shea's are happy.... that really is the overall final work product of Nanepashemet .... Happiness.
Course, I would have liked to have seen Shalane Flanagan from Marblehead medal in the Olympic Women's Marathon, but she seemed to be content with tenth place after suffering leg cramps, and 10th in the Olympic Marathon is really a huge accomplishment in the overall scheme of things as well.
All that weekend happiness left me pretty sore though.  Just can't frame a deck in 90 degree weather like I used to.

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