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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Great Ones Passing

As many of you know, being of an Irish Catholic cultural background, I have been disheartened by the state of the Catholic Church and feel that it has lost it's relevancy for me.
But I wish that I had met this guy.
Father Beiting established a mission in Kentucky, and lived a life of service and accomplishment.
My friend, Harvey Rowe, no stranger to the concept of service to others and love for his fellow man, was an admirer of Father Beiting and was with a team swimming the English Channel when Father passed away earlier this month.
Harvey had been to Father Beiting's mission and had nothing but admiration and praise for the work that was being done on a very practical, economic scale.  Harvey's loss is all of ours when a person of this calibre passes.

People like Father Beiting and Johnny Pesky make you stand back and wonder if you are doing everything you should be doing with your time of earth.  They will be missed.

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