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Friday, August 03, 2012

BTTW at Tommy O's

Today, shortly after we hang up the Nanepashemet Telecom mantle in the late afternoon, it is BTTW (Balls To The Walls) time at Tommy O's Deck.
We'll be undertaking the crucial step of attaching the ledger board to his house, and setting up the posts to level for the cantilever receiving beam.
Tommy and Linda want to break after that and head to Essex for some fried clams.... which I think is an excellent notion.
They have opted for traditional 7/8" Pressure Treated Deck planks over the popular composite stuff that is on the market.   Our PT Deck  at 32 Beverly Ave. was showing some wear after a dozen years or so, but we screwed down some loose and warped decking, then stained and sealed it and it really came out completely renewed and rather beautiful, so I have no trouble with the traditional wood choice.

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