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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weddings and Baudy Comments

Tommy O and I mixed and poured 16 eighty lb. bags of concrete mix into 4 twelve inch Sonotubes reinforced with four 1/2" steel 4' rebar each this morning to form the foundation for the O'Shea pool deck.  Then we laid out the joist system and Tommy is ordering the lumber while the concrete cures.
I was going to do some odds and ends at 32 Beverly Ave. afterward, but there is plenty of time for that, and I have to rest up for the evening festivities.  We will probably end up doing some Saturday night stuff with the Johnsons whose daughter, Amanda, also was a recent recipient of a positive marriage proposal.
So there will be a lot of deck and wedding talk tonight, in between the baudy Buck behavior with it's concomitant chastising from the females.
Looking forward to it.

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