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Monday, July 02, 2012

Salt Water Fishing License

It was a nice row, out from the Riverhead Landing along the shore side. of the Harbor, out into the Sound and then around Brown's Island, through Little Harbor, close to Fort Sewall, and back down the Marblehead Harbor Channel.
By the time I got back to Riverhead, the tide was out and  there were fifty yards of sand from the ramp to the Tender at the edge of the water.  Put the F150 into 4 Wheel Drive and the sand easily supported the truck and boat trailer.   A nice paddle surfer helped me to lift the Tender onto the trailer, so no issues really.
Peter Crawford with  his beautiful Cabin Cruiser and son Chris were at the BYC Fuel docks and I went by the Flying Elvis with the D'Orio's, Ryan and the grandkids on the way out, but didn't see any other Peeps during the row.
I felt ok but am pretty sore today, but one incident disturbed me greatly.  As I was coming out of the Litttle Harbor after circumnavigating Brown's Island, I was about 50 yards out, when I saw a small 12' Whaler with three older teens who were sitting there jigging for mackeral.
I was about 20 yards away, when up behind them comes a big official looking "Environmental Police" Utility Vessel, and the weekend volunteer boat cops start questioning the kids and tied up for about ten minutes.  I'm sure they were bagging the kids for fishing without the $10 Massachusetts Saltwater License.
Massachusetts now requires a license to fish in the ocean.  And what services to we get for this?  What purpose does it support?   But  these bad kids were violating it and had to be pulled over by Police in a $75,000 power boat.   Apparently the services that the Commonwealth of  Massachusetts provides for this license is screwing with some poor kids harmlessly jigging for mackeral.  
Undoubtedly they will be future Republicans.

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