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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Official Constable of Nanepashemet

Made the New Haven run today, but not before I picked up some documents from Constable Paul Minsky of Swampscott who did such a good job serving and executing legal stuff for me recently that he merits the coveted endorsement as the Official Constable of Nanepashemet.
It's been a while since I've added to Nanepashemet Official Endorsements, and Paul was a suitable choice to break the ice.
Peeps.... if you ever need to serve legal documents, I highly recommend that your hire Paul.  He gets it done, and has a lot of respect in the profession. A good Constable is worth it  in these situations.... you get what you pay for.
Hopefully, I won't have to utilize Paul's services too much in the future, but it's nice to know that he is there when you need him.
After the Minsky business, I headed out the Mass Pike and down Rt. 84 to meet some landlords and survey some rooftops for one of my carrier customers.   Usually, when we get to this stage, I can close the deal for a telecom site, and today was no different.

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