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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ocean Reminder

Peeps.... Twice in the last 25 years, I thought we were going to capsize in a boat in the open ocean.  Yesterday was the second time with 10 foot white crested swells coming in right after another at the mouth of the Gloucester Harbor.  Will Murray was at my side at the helm and Joanne and Lynda were doing most of the screaming.
Even a Mountain of a Man like me got a bit stressed out at the situation.
We had gone to Stellwagen to see whales.... skunked on that, then headed to the Ipswich end of the Annisquam.  Had an enjoyable lunch tied up outside of Wingesheak Beach and then we headed down the Annisquam, and after some tricking currents and manuevering, went under the Gloucester Harbor raised bridge.   White caps hit us immediately into Gloucester Harbor and grew steadily until they turned into 10 foot cresting swells.
After two attempts to get out of the mouth of the harbor we wisely elected to seek a tie up at the Mad Fish Restaurant in the inner Gloucester, and called for a ride home.
This morning, Ryan drove me to the tie up and I made the trip back.  Waves were at 2 to 3 foot height, and the ride was still uncomfortable, but the WhaleEye is now back home.
I've said it before... the ocean allows you to ride upon it, and has the ability to take you at any time.  Yesterday was a good reminder.

Same could be said fer Chantilly Hossentwat. Ride her at yer own risk.

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  1. Same could be said fer Chantilly Hossentwat. Ride her at yer own risk.


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