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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Obama Ad Whiplash

I ordered an Obama bumper sticker today too.
After hearing his ad where he gets Romney to say that he wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood, then the ad lies about what Planned Parenthood is all about....... I felt that I should order a bumper sticker to commemorate the biggest ideologue who ever drank Kool Aide from a Lefty Spigot.
Just because I'm for Gay Marriage doesn't mean that I have my Gadar on full power all the time.  Gays don't bug me unless they stick their sexual preference in my face.  Or act really Faggy just to show that they are Gay.... you know what I mean.
But Obama seems to think that being Pro-Choice (I can kill my fetus if it is inconvenient to me) and Pro- Gay Marriage (which is pure pandering to all of those Fabulous Types who comprise 10% of us) is something to put up front and center to win our vote.  Once again, this guy misses the mark, because he has no clue what the mark is.
The issues aren't about abortion or gay matimony....they're about the ability of this country to maintain an economic stability, and compete in a world economy when we are grossly indebted to countries like the Peoples Republic of China.  The issues are about jobs and the small businesses that create jobs,   Obama never had a job in the private sector.  He simply doesn't get it even though he went to Harvard and taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago.  I stopped being impressed by Harvard years ago.
But Obama panders, and the country falls farther behind.  Planned Parenthood is a despicable fraud of an organization with a name that is designed to disguise its intent to destroy human fetuses on a widescale basis.  If Obama is for it, then I'm against Obama.

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