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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Michelangelo of Deck Construction


Many of you frequently ask me for my home improvement advice which I freely give.   But the fact remains that your Mountain of a Man is a full bore Home Improvement Contractor, licensed by the Commomwealth of Massachusetts, so my advice to you is not only free.... it's also official.
Truth is, I've held the license for quite some time now and just had to renew it in time to pull the permit for Tommy O's deck.     That deck will be a pristine, state of the art example of a lifetime of training, just like the other decks that I have in my extensive deck building portfolio.
The key to a Nanepashemet deck is in the over-engineering.   We double up on the joists. posts, and headers and end up with a structure that you could land a heliocopter on.  The post holes that are supposed to go down 36" by code, go down 42" and the concrete is reinforced with #4 rebar.
Stepping on a Nanepashemet deck is like closing the door to a Mercedes.  Solid quality.
After that, the artistic side kicks in with orginally designed and constructed railings, stairs and finished decking.  You could get aroused just thinking about it.
But don't start bugging me with requests for deck projects.   The O'Shea deck is slated to be a work of art, and you can't rush  perfection.  Did Michelangelo get rushed to paint the Sistine Chapel????? Hell no.
So Back Off.

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