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Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Evening

So it's Friday night, we did the BYC porch thing for a light grill dinner, which has become a most enjoyable event, then headed back to the Sundance House.
The grandkids are over for the weekend and are at D'Orio's for Friday night videos.  Current POTY Kerry D'Orio has sent a couple of cryptic texts which we are trying to decipher and Joanne and I are settling in for a relaxing Marblehead Summer evening.
Life is freaking good... isn't it?
I'm on my second can of Harpoon's UFO Unfiltered Wheat Beer and have added an orange slice per the recommendation on the can.  Peeps... it's a taste sensation.   I am totally in admiration of this remarkable brew.
I can sense an official Nanepashemet endorsement in the works.

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