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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Improving on Perfection

Yesterday when I put out that deck post, I had no idea of the response that I would get.   Hundreds (Dozens actually) of emails and voice mails asking me to look at their property and suggest a pool side deck, or a hot tub deck, or a regular sit outside and barbecue deck.
If you are really serious, you should come by Tommy O's Beverly Ave. Estate to see theMOAM Deck Master in action.  And while you're there, I can run you across the street to the Nanepashemet House to show you one of the many in my pristine collection.  After a little repair due to the damages from some misuse, that deck is receiving the oohs and ahhs that it traditionally received from all comers.
Don't feel obligated to bring a six pack of cold Sam Adams Summer Ale when you make your homage visit.  That's entirely unnecessary.  Nor should you go the ultimate distance and bring me a bottle of Lagavulin.... the legendary King of Scotch.
Although if you did, you may get substantially boosted up the growing waiting list for an authentic Nanepashemet Deck, after the O'Shea masterpiece has seen the final deck plank screwed in for a lifetime of quality enjoyment.
I may just have to curb things a bit at the thriving Nanepashemet Telecom business, as I meet the need for perfection in state-of-the-art deck construction.
Did Michelangelo have this same problem?

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