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Monday, June 04, 2012

VM Not Accepting Messages at this Time

Peeps -
Please lay off of all of the voice mails and email asking how my comeback running program is coming.  There is nothing more irritating that a VM FULL message on your iPhone.  I use that phone for business you know.....  like making real money at Nanepashemet Telecom.
 Although it would be cool if you kept sending me those checks for the quality Nanepashemet apparel that those hard working Indonesians keep manufacturing in that low wage sweat shop of theirs.  Not that I would back off from the Telecom business now that the tsunami has hit.
But to give a mass answer to your annoying inquiries... the running is doing fine.  I fully intend to start taking some Master's Division Hardware home from some targeted road races in August and September when my muscle and respiratory systems respond to the mental demands that I am now suggesting to them.
Plus my knee is holding out fine with the knee brace which doesn't seem to be affecting my speed any.  
My real fear is that the road races that I enter after ten to fifteen weeks of training will be overflowing with spectators wishing to catch a glimpse of the new and improved Mountain of a Man as he used to appear in his older athletic days.  It could require a great deal of extra police details which could blow the budget of these worthy fund raising endeavors.
It's always something.  I can't sweat all of the details.

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