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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Tolerance and Running

Even though I pleaded with you Peeps to slow down on the Voice Mails... you kept them coming.
Keep it up, and I will never tell you how the running program is going again.   But this time, in special regard for the fact that being a Mountain of Man means that you have be especially tolerant and a genuinely nice person, which I am for all worthy instances, I decided to let you in this one last time.
If my knee and my back holds out, I'm confident that I'll be competitive in a 5k that is slated for the first Week in August and a 10K that will be held mid-September.
These are good sanctioned races, but I won't be disclosing the time and place to you for reasons of security and crowd control.
BTW... I'm not checking on weight loss, but meticulously measuring running pace and distance... and have been improving daily.  And I'm positive that the left knee would be a mess right now without the use of my knee brace.  At some point after the 5K, I'll check on the body weight, but this isn't about appearance... it's about performance.
This is the last post for awhile on this subject.  It is almost as boring as Elizabeth Warren's Native American heritage... but not quite.

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