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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Taking a Run

If you happened to be driving on Beacon Street in Marblehead this morning, and saw a slightly rotund, soaked to the bone, middle aged guy doing a jogging imitation... that was me.
Thanks for not running me over  and putting me out of my misery.  Or maybe not.
The photo to the right is a pretty good rendition of what the rainy path ahead looked like without my glasses on.
There is an iPhone app called IMapMyRun which turns a simple jog into a tome of graphics and statistics.  It verbally calls out your mile times and instantly uploads photos like this onto the web. Then it converts your loop into a 3D video.
But I need the App that trims 60 lbs or so off of a lazy middle aged couch potato with little or no effort or pain... and little or no running.
Because the running part is the hard part.  At any rate, usually I blow out my knee when I try to start running again, but the knee felt ok with a knee strap support.  So maybe we'll take a run at this effort again.

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