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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ready to Row

Got the Herreshoff Columbia Tender completely painted and varnished today and will be getting into the Harbor for a row tomorrow.  The Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Paint Gun was the hero.
Ryan and I also put the Pram on the ring on Friday, so the row boats are in.  The WhaleEye is to follow on Monday or Tuesday.   The boat chores are basically done.  All I have to do is fit the Piantedosi Rowing Rig onto the Tender tomorrow morning and a new rowing season is in full swing.
I was reluctant to paint the inside of the Tender gloss white, but it really came out great and will undoubtedly catch the same ohhs and ahhs that I have become accustomed to as I pilot with the sliding seat rig out of the harbor and out to the Islands.
When I finally get around to finishing the Marblehead Gunning Dory, I am going to paint the interior right off of the bat.  It's just too much work trying to leave the inside radius bright.  And the white high gloss marine above the waterline paint doesn't detract from the naturally finished hull at all.
Getting this stuff done by the end of June and before the 4th of July is acceptable, given the other things that I have to concentrate on.

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