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Monday, June 04, 2012

POTW Week 22

Yes, I've been lax lately about the coveted Peep of the Week selections.
The problem is that as you Peeps have grown from hundreds, to thousands, to millions across the globe, it's hard to service all of you with your needy wants and desires.
Even a Mountain of a Man has his limits.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 22nd Week of 2012

Matt Damon
Bill Hillegas
John Edwards
Rajon Rondo
Adam Sandler
Nathaniel Clarke

I realize that this is an all male selection, but those of you who know me best, know that there is not a sexist bone in my body.   Actually... one bone might be a little sexist from time to time, but that's only temporary.
For the most part, the selection process is too complex for most of you Peeps to figure out... especially the foreign Peeps, and explaining it is taxing... MOAM or not.
So you just have to trust in your hearts the natural purity and goodness that causes these names to ooze to the surface of this pathetic post within such an awful Blog.
Have a nice day Peeps, and keep a sharp eye out for posers and assholes.

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