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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

MOAM Burden

Girls in Yoga Pants,  Nanepashemet, Bar Stool Sports, ESPN
What do these quality Blogs have in common???
They are the exact order that POTY Kerry D'Orio's husband, Brendt, looks at every morning to get his Mojo on.
In that order, every morning.
No wonder Brendt is as cool as he is.  Not only is his Trophy Wife the 2012 Peep of the Year, but he nourishes his mind every morning in the proper disciplines.
Now do you see why it is so important to maintain quality Nanepashemet Posts every day????  Suppose I missed a couple of days posting neurotic and useless wisdom to the Peeps?  Brendt's outlook would completely be skewed by yoga, bar stools and TV Sports programs.  He would most likely be slanted and off center as his life tittered toward a tilted and unbalanced outlook.
I hate to feel responsible for Brendt's well being.   But obviously I am.  It is another burden that a Mountain of a Man must bear.

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