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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthcare and Hell

They are dancing on ABC News tonight as the Supreme Court held ObamaCare as constitutional.  Apparently the Government can force us to make purchases against our will.
Diane Sawyer is downright moist, and George Stephanademocratopofus has that little twinkle in his leftest, liberally biased eyes.
And why are you anchorless Peeps looking at me with your confused, out-to-lunch gazes????
As you know, I don't have all of the answers... and the few that I have are usually off the mark.
But my considered, Mountain of a Man opinion is that the cost of health care for working stiffs will skyrocket, and the quality will plummet.
If you are one of the Loser, suck off of the producers and contribute nothing, types.... I wouldn't celebrate too hard.   Even ObamaCare won't help you in Hell.

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