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Monday, June 25, 2012

Apple Computer Experience

Ryan and I went over to the Apple store at the North Shore Mall today.
We unassumingly bought an Apple desktop with a big freaking screen to process all of the photo uploads that our Nanepashemet Telecom work requires.
Ryan says it works 50% faster than the HP Laptop that he was using.
So maybe our productivity will soar.
Even if it doesn't, the Apple product line is way cool.  And the people in the store... customers and salespeople... all seemed upbeat and wicked happy.   Old people, young geeks, minorities (actually I think Liz Warren could find some 1/32 Cherokees to hang out with there), and I bet a few of them were even Republicans.
I'd like to tell you how I worked with the Apple I, the Apple II and the original 128K Macintosh when I was a young professional... but I won't because it's boring.... even to a MOAM like me.
Apple had the superior product, but they inhibited 3rd party developers, so that Microsoft based computers gained the business edge.
They hung on and rebounded with the iPhone and iPad, and now have a sleek line that interfaces seamlessly with these state of the art devices.
Apple is a phenomenal company.

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