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Friday, May 04, 2012

Word Association

Get serious, don't put your family through this.  You should move yourself and not let the Sheriff do it.  Even if you have to stay with family, it is better than a forced move, because that is where this is going.  This has been done by a lot smarter people than you or I.  Time to turn the page.

You simply can't afford to live in our home, and we have a host of others who can, and have already leased it to a family ready to move in.  There is no shame.  One thing is certain.  You will not be in our home much longer.  I would avoid the traumatic path to your family if I were you and move yourself rather than have a forced move occur.

We have heard all of your rants and insults, but in the long run, this can't really hurt me or my family, financially or otherwise.   It is you who are putting your family through this.  You should do the right thing for them.

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  1. Before We all attempt this, are we talking millions, or "just" janitor wages?

    The academy, the Sox, recruiting violations?



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