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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Start Prep

Next weekend is Memorial Day... the start of summer
As most of you know, summer is the magic season here in the Coastal Town of Marblehead, Massachusetts.  Between fishing, boating, tie-ups at the islands, cookouts and hanging out on the Yacht Club Porches,  we try to find the time to get some work in and make some money.
Every summer is important.  You'll be dead a long time... so you really can't afford to waste the summer in Marblehead.
So I spent some hours this weekend getting the Pram and the Tender ready for the water.  I sanded and epoxied the outside hull of the pram and got it ready for a coat of primer and some finish coats of paint.  I won't make the mistake this year of putting bottom paint on the pram.  It's more of a problem always having the bottom paint come off on your hands than powerwashing whatever growth decides to reside on the pram bottom.  I know that there will be algae and barnacles galore on the bottom within a month, but I'd rather deal with that than bottom paint residue on your hands.
The Herreshoff Columbia Tender is another problem altogether.  Trying to keep the whole thing with a natural finish has been a nightmare.   The outside hull is fine, but the gunnel rails and the seats can't seem to hold a coat of epoxy and marine varnish, and the interior flooring panels have to be screwed down on rails and hold all sorts of debris underneath.
I'm going to spraypaint the interior from the seats down... White.  Marine White High Gloss.  And I will omit the flooring panels all together.
Even though the seats are laminated mahogany, oak and cedar... the fact that epoxy and varnish peals away within a season has me looking for a better maintenance alternative.   Have to go with the paint and see how that works this year.
There's probably another 20 hours of work left to get these boats up to the MOAM standard of excellence. I would love to squeeze these hours in before the end of the week, but I doubt it.  Have to head down to New Haven, and that always kills any personal hours left in the week.

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