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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Routine of Dying

The guy who lives across the street from me died today.
The Ambulance, Fire Engine and Patrol car charged up to his address and the Emergency Workers rushed in with equipment and a stretcher, but then they strolled out and leisurely repacked the stuff into their vehicles.
After a while, the Emergency Vehicles drove off and a Funeral Hearst with suited undertakers took the curbside place.  Then, a gurney with a quilted covering was lifted out of the house by the funeral parlor staffers.
So that was it.
I didn't know the guy, and wouldn't recognize him if I bumped into him on the Town Hall staircase.  But I still felt bad.  The processing of the event... by professionals who live their lives in this situation..... seemed depressing.   It should be more eventful when you die.... not a daily set of routines.

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