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Friday, May 18, 2012

Pow Wow Chow???... WOW!

Just when you think that the Warren "I'm 1/32 Indian, so I checked the Affirmative Action Box" issue has run it's course, now comes the bombshell that she contributed plagiarized recipes to POW WOW CHOW, that classic of American Indian Cuisine.

Pow Wow Chow, A Collection of Recipes from Families of the Five Civilized Tribes : Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole [Paperback], is available from Amazon.
Apparently, Elizabeth Warren reached deeply into her 1/32 heritage and came out with some old family recipes that her family enjoyed after a buffalo hunt or a little stint in the sweat lodge with the Medicine Men.  Funny how those native cuisine recipe chestnuts get handed down... even to those who have 31/32 white blood coursing through their native veins.  It explains why Liz always orders the Buffalo Jerky appetizer at the Harvard Law Luncheon soirees.

This fraud is running for the US Senate  to represent Massachusetts.  Some might say that the Commonwealth deserves a NutJob like this pulling the strings from Washington.  If she was running against Kerry, maybe even I would throw her a vote, but she's taking on Scott Brown, who is one of the few pols that I actually believe is level headed and trying to do the right thing.
My old friend, Wayne Webster put a lot of great stuff out about our Indian Wannabee on Facebook the other day, and I pushed like hell to provoke some of my Lefty friends to come to her aid with some hanging Facebook strings..... and didn't get one taker.

That's how bad she is.  Even the Dems won't touch this one.

My hypothesis stands... You have to be weird to run for politics, in the first place, but there are weirdos.... then there are Holy Shit, NO FREAKING WAAAY Weirdos.....
......Which is the category currently taken by the Cherokee Chef who grew up to be a Harvard Law Professor.

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